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True Religion

Stuck in their contract with One Stop, True Religion needed a cost effective way to bring all the compliance certificates online. The development work with a company such as One Stop would have cost them a larger sum then they were willing to invest. So iCurious Media designed and implemented their Compliance Certificate Site, and we only charged them $800 for about 2 weeks of work. They saved money, and iCurious Media gets the pleasure of working with a big named brand.

Mamasan Maternity

Mamasan is a brand that manufactures Maternity and Infant apparel that caters to the punk rocker niche. With little knowledge on creating a dynamic E-commerce Site, the previous web designer tried their best with what they knew. Unfortunately they created a maintenance nightmare, and seems like they no longer wanted to support Mamasan. iCurious Media took over the maintenance tasks, and it has been a beneficial relationship for both Mamasan, and iCurious Media.

Beautiful Decay

Beautiful Decay is a Los Angeles based magazine publisher that is all about todays contemporary art scene. Artists that are featured in their magazine are asked to use their work for Beautiful Decays clothing and accessories line.

Previously Beautiful Decay outsourced their E-commerce operations to a fullfilment warehouse, which did a poor job. Beautiful Decay had felt they were just a small fry, and decided to handle the online retailing themselves. So they customized a pre existing shopping cart, and needed iCurious Media to handle the hard parts. So we came in, added a custom shipping calculator for Fed Ex, and a merchant account. In exchange for work, they gave us merchendise. It's a good thing we have a flexible payment plan.

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