About Us Before there was even an iCurious Media, John and Jen were doing small projects for family and friends. Then the referrals started coming in and prompted them to open up an official business operation. So in 2008 iCurious Media was born, and it's steady growth over the years has been a God Send. We bring you web development and photography services, but because it's us doing the job, there's an extra personal touch added. Think about it as a neighborhood mom and pop shop.

Now to really understand iCurious Media you need to know the people responsible for it. John comes from a background in computer science, with many years of web development experience under his belt. Jen is an avid photographer, and is the type to bring a camera everywhere she goes. So whether it be photography or web development, we both strive to bring you the best service that money can buy.

For any questions or quotes on a project please feel free to go to our contact page.

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